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Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Smart Analyzer

Nr IDH 2603167

CYFROWA REWOLUCJA W DIAGNOSTYCE WŁOSÓW - Rewolucyjna innowacja. Pierwsze urządzenie, które pozwala fryzjerowi skanować strukturę włosów za pomocą technologii zbliżonej do podczerwieni. Obsługiwany przez aplikację SalonLab, prowadzi zarówno fryzjera, jak i klienta przez proces konsultacji i analizy.

Szczegóły produktu


SALON TOOLS The portfolio of salon tools has been carefully selected and inspired by design and hairdressing experts. Its careful design allows it to meet the daily needs of salons and hairdressers express their creativity, the tools for salons share a common principle: they simplify daily life and transform the way of working.

Najważniejsze korzyści

  • Near-Infrared technology measures inner hair condition and gives you a unique hair score, whilst the colour sensor measures hair colour tone and depth which leads to data driven personalized hair consultation.
  • Measures the inner hair health by using the near infrared technology and detects the current hair colour tone and depth using the colour sensor
  • Near-field infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) 6-channel colour sensor component


The SalonLab Smart Analyzer is used exclusively to examine human dry hair using near-field infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) for the inner hair analysis and a 6-channel sensor component for the outer hair analysis



  • Marka

    SalonLab Analyzers (P) - SB

  • Wymiary produktu

    Wysokość 104 mm
    Szerokość 198 mm
    Głębokość 248 mm

  • Waga produktu

    0.950 kg

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Poradniki i instrukcje


Sposób użycia

New Manual in EN and IT available - please check E-Mail


The Analyzer is charged with electric current. That means there is a general risk of electric shock. Check the Analyzer, docking station and charger for damage before use. Never use a defective Analyzer, docking station or charger. Never touch the docking station or charger with wet hands. Never immerse the Analyzer, docking station or charger in water or other liquids. Keep it away from rain, moisture and high humidity rooms. Do not store it in a place where it may fall or be pulled into a tub or sink. Do not reach for the connected charger if it falls into the water. Dispose of the device that has been immersed in water. Never use it further! Do not allow the Analyzer to come into contact with heat sources, as the battery may be damaged and explode. Ensure that the charging cable is not kinked or pinched or comes into contact with heat sources or sharp edges. The charging cable should also not become a tripping hazard. Use only the original charger to power the docking station and charge the Analyzer. Do not charge the unit unless the voltage indicated on the charger matches the voltage of your socket/charging jack.