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Purchase the 3 main Care Lines (Light, Rich, Cool) of BlondMe Care (OTC sizes, 1 pcs of each product) on the 40% fixed discount.


1x IDH 2631454 BM LIGHT Shampoo 300ml  2631454
1x IDH 2631458 BM LIGHT Spray Conditioner 200ml 2631458
1x IDH 2631459 BM LIGHT Mask 200ml 2631459
1x IDH 2630591 BM RICH Shampoo 300ml 2630591
1x IDH 2630729 BM RICH Conditioner 250ml 2630729
1x IDH 2630805 BM RICH Mask 200ml 2630805
1x IDH 2631936 BM COOL Neutralizing Shampoo 300ml 2631949
1x IDH 2631947 BM COOL Neutralizing Spray Conditioner 150ml 2631947
1x IDH 2631948 BM COOL Neutralizing Mask 200ml 2631948

Insert the coupon code: BLONDMEPL


1x IDH 2631077 BM RICH Shampoo 1000ml
1x IDH 2631079 BM RICH Conditioner 1000ml

1x IDH 2631453 BM RICH Mask 500ml

1x IDH 2630590 BM Restoring Balm 75ml
1x IDH 2644592 BM Glaze Mist 150ml

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